How do I install vinyl flooring sheets/planks?

Well, if you have chosen the best vinyl flooring planks Columbus for your home, you did the right thing. It is popular for its durability, resistance, and easy installation. The next step is to choose the best method to install them. Also, the top benefit of this flooring is its easy and less costly installation. This application will not cost you the same as other floor types. 

Moreover, if the floor surface is flat, you do not need an underlayment. That is why many people prefer this flooring for their homes and offices. And vinyl is all about ease and convenience for the inmates. So, let’s discuss some of the most common methods of installing vinyl floor planks.

Best ways to install vinyl flooring sheets/planks:

There are two main ways of installing vinyl plank flooring. One is a glue-down method, and the other is the floating method. But, there are two more common methods as well. But, some require adhesives, and others only need interlocking. So, here are the four ways of vinyl installation:

  • Glue down method
  • Peel-stick method
  • Floating method
  • Loose lay installation

Glue down method:

As the name suggests, this method requires adhesives (liquid glue) to adhere vinyl planks to the subfloor. It is a permanent way of installing these floor planks. Well, this method is a popular one among homeowners. But, it requires space consideration and a much longer time to install than other ways. 

In this method, you must prepare the floor and the subfloor for installation. So, it holds up space with the help of glue and then dries up to give you a sturdy surface to walk on. Also, in terms of durability, these glue-down floor planks offer more stability than other floor types. 

Cost factor:

Depending on the labor, the glue-down method is less costly than the floating and loose-lay methods. It may cost you $1.5 to $3, including the floor prep labor. Moreover, these glued vinyl planks are easy to repair in case of surface damage. 

Peel stick method:

This one is one of the most convenient ways to install vinyl floor planks/sheets. Well, most of the floor planks need some sort of adhesive to stick to the floor. In the same way, the peel-stick installation method has glue on one side of the plank. So, you have to peel the patch and stick the planks on the floor. 

In addition, you may have to prep the floor as well. People often apply this method to plywood floors or concrete ones. But, if you have a flawless flat surface, there is no need to prep the floor. So, only cleaning the floor will do the trick. This floor prep will cost you from $0.5 to $1.5.

Cost factor:

Depending on the current condition of your floor, this installation method will cost you around $1.50 per square foot. 

Floating method:

It is the quickest method to install vinyl floor planks. First, you need a subfloor to hover them side by side. In general, it is an interlocking way of doing the task. Just align the floor planks side by side, and click them together. You can attach the planks or sheets by using a rubber mallet.

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Moreover, level the planks properly. Also, a subfloor is a must, to begin, the process. In addition, it applies this method of installation on an uneven floor. It is perfect for such surfaces. The floor prep might cost you a bit more than the glue-down method. But beware of sliding heavy furniture as it might lose the planks. 

Cost factor:

You can expect to pay from $0.5 to $1.5, including floor prep charges. Repairs are possible in the case of floating vinyl planks, but they may take longer than usual. In that case, save a box of spare vinyl planks to repair instantly. 

Loose lay installation:

You will find this way of installation a bit similar to a floating one. Well, it does not require any adhesive or interlocking method to do the job. So, all you need is some friction to keep the planks in place. In addition, you have to prepare a subfloor or the existing floor to secure the task. 

Cost factor:

Well, the look is the same as the glue-down or floating method. So, the floor prep will cost you around $0.5 to $1.5, depending on the labor. The installation will go from $1 to $1.5 per square foot.


That’s all about vinyl plank installation. Although, there are two main ways of installing vinyl flooring sheets/planks: glue down and floating method. But, the peel stick method and loose lay installation are still applicable in most cases. So, you have valuable data on their durability, application, and costs. Now you can select any method for your flooring project. Also, you can head to Columbus flooring city for professional help.