How to Pick the Perfect Rug for a Child's Room

An area rug, like artwork, can bring the finishing touch to your child's bedroom. Rugs are so much more than just a decorative item; they are a need. 

The appropriate size rug is crucial for making a room seem cozier and warmer, contributing to the overall aesthetic.

Are you fall into one of the following categories: You need to design your child's room because you recently moved into a home (congrats!), Your kid is getting older and prefers a new "style," or you want to remodel the room.

We help you find the best area rug for your child's room!

To learn everything you need to know, keep reading!

Room Size

In the United States, a bedroom typically measures 200 square feet.

Any bedroom's bed (or cot) becomes the center of attention. The area rug's shape, size, and texture will become more apparent due to this focal point, which also defines the entire room.

Imagine the Ultimate Appearance You Desire

What kind of personality is your child? Happy, carefree, or busy? Calm, loving to read books, and peaceful? There is a connection between personality and color.

Consider using your personality if you don't yet know your child's personality. Decorate the room you want to spend much time in, the one you want to walk into, and the one you want to introduce your kid to. Always keep in mind that you can redecorate afterward!

How to Visualize Physical Space for Area Rug Placement:

  • To see the space and decide how to position the rug, use painter's tape to mock up the furniture placement (it can be quickly removed and won't damage surfaces).
  • Draw the room on paper and record the measurements you took. Writing down your dimensions will be useful when you shop.

Choosing the Size and Shape of the Rug for Your Child's Room

Don't only choose a typical round or rectangle rug while choosing the rug's shape. Here, you may choose from various patterns, including abstract and animal prints. Have fun and be brave!

There are two main things you should keep in mind while choosing the ideal-sized area rug:

  • If you plan to place the rug over hardwood flooring, consider getting a sizable area rug to give the room the most warmth and usable space—for example, a medium-sized 8' x 10' area rug. Consider utilizing a rug pad to provide additional cushioning and protection for your floors when using a larger rug.
  • If the bedroom already has carpeting, the rug you're looking for will serve more as an accent and contribute to the desired style. In this situation, choose a smaller area rug, 5 feet by 8 feet, stopping inches away from any furniture.

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Which Type Of Material Should You Pick?

Selecting the best rug for you requires careful consideration of the material. The following factors might help you choose the best material for a child's room. The material selected will decide its durability and softness.

  • Comfort and functionality for playing on the floor.
  • Stain-resistant or simple to clean after tea parties, afternoon playdates, having friends over after school, and other activities that could expose the rug to wear and strain.

The following are the ideal materials for a rug in a child's room:

  • Polyester – Polyester is a good option since it resists stains, doesn't fade, and is ideal for rooms with plenty of sunshine and frequent spills and messes.
  • Cotton - Cotton rugs are non-synthetic, hypoallergenic, and simple to clean.
  • Wool - Although resilient, wool tends to lose color and even shed. It works best in public spaces like living rooms and dining rooms.
  • Animal Hide - Cowhide, for instance, is soft whether it is accurate or imitation. Perfect for adding texture and warmth to the area next to a crib or bed for your feet.

What about the Pile Height?

Nowadays, a variety of pile heights are available. We'll recommend a shag pile for your child's room to suit this objective of a kid’s room. Why? Here are some of the causes:

  • Shag rugs don't shed.
  • They are made of various materials (polyester, polypropylene, and wool).
  • They vary the room's textures and are soft to the touch, making them comfortable for sitting and walking on when the weather cools.


Finding the ideal rug for your child's room cannot be easy. When choosing a rug for your child's bedroom, remember that it should be user-friendly, safe, durable, comfortable, and maintenance-free.

Make sure to choose a rug for your child's room that best matches your size, material, and pile height requirements. You can get a high-quality area rug from the Rug Gallery, a renowned rug store in Columbus, Ohio.